Jennifer Woodard speaking about AI for counterterrorism at the International Center for Counterterrorism in Herzliyah, Israel in 2019.





As an entrepreneur, I am able to speak on a variety of diverse topics; among them: building a tech company as a female founder, fundamentals of building an AI startup, founder pitfalls and learnings, startup marketing and more. 

AI ETHICS FOr Public Safety

While AI affords society tremendous benefits to protecting public safety in areas such as counterterrorism and policing, like many things, it does not come without a tradeoff. The complex relationship between AI and ethical questions is something I devote research to and work on with my NGO, Dataietica. In my talks I can share both the fundamentals of AI ethics as well as real, practical learnings from commercial use cases and research projects. 




On the flip side, Artificial Intelligence has huge potential for keeping us safe. From predicting terrorist threats, to detecting crime such as exploitation and human trafficking online, new Machine Learning methods are helping law enforcement and Homeland Security agencies ensure the safety of all of us. In my talks, we explore the many ways AI can help Security practitioners safeguard lives and well-being.


Open Source Intelligence is a powerful tool for understanding and predicting criminal content which can indicate a crime or lead to harmful phenomena such as radicalisation. I explore the topic at a fundamental level with an introduction to using AI and OSINT to solve social challenges such as terrorism, human trafficking, disinformation and more. 


I am a staunch advocate for European collaborative research. I actually owe the last decade of my career to it! I’m a true believer in the idea that the joining of researchers from all over Europe is a very unique opportunity not only for advancing competitiveness in research, but also for achieving better transnational cohesiveness and re-asserting Europe and its ideals.