AI researcher.


Hi, I’m Jennifer, and I’m all of the above.

I started my company, Insikt Intelligence, alongside my co-founder in 2016 with an ambitious goal: to leverage a proprietary AI methodology developed from scratch to take on one of Europe’s biggest challenges: the early detection of signs of impending terrorist attacks online. Both shaken and driven by the deadly attacks in Brussels and Paris, my co-founder and I set out to develop a technology that would not only detect terrorist content online, but also help predict early indicators of online radicalisation to prevent threats before they happen.

This technology was recognised as highly innovative by the European Commission’s EASME, earning funding. Our technology has since been recognised with 3 “Seals of Excellence”.

Insikt now markets its innovative technology to law enforcement agencies to help them save lives by preventing terrorist attacks and other types of violent crime. 

Seeing larger potential for important social impact, we have now taken the company towards yet another ambition: applying Insikt’s AI technology to other important issues, such as helping institutions detect and combat disinformation, hate speech and human trafficking. 

A driving motivator for me is to make Insikt a company that not only achieves social impact by addressing important societal problems such as these, but also does so ethically. 



To that end, Guillem and I started Dataietica, an NGO whose mission is to support trust and transparency in AI for the Security sector, focusing on research and training actions geared towards AI practitioners, Law Enforcement Agencies as well as citizens. 

A firm supporter of European research, working with the European Commission’s Research Executive Agency, I am a Vice Chair for the Social Science Panel under theMarie Skłodowska-Curie programme, as well as an invited expert for the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Networks programme.

I know that my story has the potential to help other women looking to start up companies in male-dominated spaces. This is why I mentor other female entrepreneurs, such as at the London Business School and, currently, via the United Nations Development Programme’s “Women Innovators Programme” for female entrepreneurs in the Arab region. 

I’m an invited speaker at a number of international conferences on AI, terrorism and more. If you are looking for a speaker, here are some of the topics I can cover.



ISSUES I care about

There are (at least!) 4 issues that drive me in my work and are close to my heart:

AI Innovation for security

I am passionate about bringing innovative AI solutions to market to solve national security and public safety issues, such as radicalisation, violent extremism, online hate speech and complex crimes such as human trafficking.


I’ve been involved as a researcher in collaborative European Commission-funded research in AI for over a decade, and also work with the European Commission both as an external expert as well as a Vice Chair.

Female Founders IN TECH

Women continue to represent a minority of tech founders in Europe and especially in developing countries, and are at a disadvantage at a number of levels, including funding. I am passionate about sharing my experience and helping other female founders wherever I am needed, as a mentor or a coach.


I strongly believe in the potential of AI to help keep us safe, but also in the vital need to understand its ethical implications and how we can make security-focused algorithmic models fair and unbiased. This is why I engage in and support research and training efforts that help advance transparent and ethical AI innovation for the Security sector.


Part of what makes my work so gratifying is the ability to share experiences, learnings and expertise with others. People reach out to me for sharing knowledge on AI, Security and Research and Innovation at conferences and events, as a mentor to young entrepreneurs or women looking to get into tech leadership, or just to get early feedback on business ideas.  

I’ll be happy to hear from you, too! Feel free to book a meeting with me so we can get to know each other.



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Feel free to reach out to me for speaking engagements, research collaborations, mentorship or anything else! 


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